Do you want to know my secret to developing fitness model abs?


... Even if your abs are a trouble spot, or you have spent hours in the gym and were not able to define and tone your abs.

That's me, Susan Arruda, mom of 2.

I get it, fitness model abs seem impossible to many. I have watched men and women do all kinds of crazy things in pursuit of those abs.

Some bought those ridiculous ab contraption machines, others would try some "advanced hack" like a plank with a 45 pound plate on their back, or maybe jumping up and down on a trampoline with ankle weights on!

YIKES! the list just goes on and on.

It almost felt like they were doing everything except what they should be doing! In most cases, they were only training the most superficial muscles of the abs and leaving the most important ones doing nothing!

They don't know the secrets the pros know, but, I do and I can teach you exactly what they are.

As you read on, I will tell you more about the power of my Seriously Sexy Abs workouts, which I have developed over my 40 years of training and through 6 fitness title championships.

I will teach and train you to develop abs, just like I did.

Here are some examples of how I have kept my abs and core tight, even after 2 kids and into my 50's.

You will find out how I have kept my abs defined even into my 50's, here, in my total core training program.

If you surf the internet, you will find plenty of ab workouts.

The problem is that:

❌ They are usually "one-off" workouts, without an abs only program structure, there is no "system" in place, no "connected" workouts.

❌ They are workouts that are usually little more than standard "crunch" variations which do not train the entire core.

❌ Many of the workouts will actually train your abs to push outward, creating that often seen bulky bodybulder look. I will teach you how to avoid this with my eccentrics and breathing focus (more on that later).

❌ Since the supporting abdomnial muscles are not properly trained, the risk for injury to the back and groin areas are greatly increased.

❌ Your core also looks unbalanced. You may see lines emerging, but your true total 6 pack is still invisible.

Some of these workouts may touch on the surface ab muscles, the superficial 6 pack, but what is missing is a game plan that targets THE ENTIRE CORE.

This is the reason why very few people get their abs to "pop," not just in a bikini, men and women alike, and on the competition stage.

I know it because I've seen it on stage, in the gym and on the beach.

Hello, my name is Susan Arruda. I'm a 6 time figure champion, a mom of two with a full time job (not associated with a gym) and I'm in my 50's. I've been training for 40 years and have stayed in shape and kept my abs defined every day of my life since my teens... and you can too! Having kids was not a reason or an excuse to lose my abs!

No gimmicks, no drugs, no fads, just straight up consistency. I have developed highly effective acceleration and overall core training methods over my many training years that took me to 6 first place fitness titles, some against women half my age (yes, I was super proud of that), and you will learn and experience them all in the best way possible; by training with me in my core focused video workouts.

You and I will do this together, right there in your home, or gym; wherever you can connect.

In preparing this program, I drew from decades of experience training my core/abs.

What became obvious to me in training both men and women is that not only were most people's cores very weak, but they were training 2-3 areas of the core, at best, and missing some crucial pieces!

So much of what was needed for total core development, strength and chiselled level definition was being overlooked in their training, not to mention, blatant execution mistakes that can become injury costly.

Many approached their core training as aesthetic, how the core "looked" and paid very little attention to building a strong foundation. This is like putting pretty windows on a house, but with a foundation that will fall apart over time... disastrous.

There is a reason I can do windshield wipers, hanging leg lifts and many moves considered to be "advanced" in my 50's...

... and, I might add, with NO BACK PAIN at all!

I will teach you all about that and train you to do the same.

And yes, I can still rock a bikini in my 50's and so can you! You don't work that hard to stay covered up!!

We’re all too familiar with the traditional abdominal exercises that involve variations of forward curls and crunches, but many people are simply performing these incorrectly.

The focus seems to be on quantity rather than quality. It’s a busy life folks, and I’m all about efficiency of movement and making it count.

I’m still surprised when I encounter people who are still resorting to doing 100 repetitions of full/old style sit ups or static, typical, so called, "6-pack crunches."

Working to keep a bikini ready bod in my late 40s.

My question is: “When you’re performing this exercise, where are you feeling it most? What exactly are you trying to target? What is your goal?”

If the muscular fatigue or stress is felt in parts of the body other than the abs, that’s an indicator that you may be doing it wrong.

If you feel your lower back, you are certainly not executing the exercise properly, or the primary working muscle is not actually what you’re hitting.

The fact is, you need to isolate ONLY the muscle you’re trying to work.

2 key things need to happen in order to strengthen and "cut" your core and these workouts, combined with my teaching pieces, will unpack it all for you.

  • #1 -Training your entire core with a precise combination of workouts

  • #2 - Targeting the core with specialized techniques I have developed and used time and time again...

These are keys to how I have kept my abs tight and defined.

  • #1 MCT's (Mutiplanar core training) - a VITAL component in overall core training. This is the type of training that gets deep into the inner fibres and muscles that are missed by standard core training.

  • Eccentrics Focus aka Focusing On The Negative - a key to a strong and sleek core look and the best way to develop long, trim oblique sculpted lines.

Entering my 40's


I went through a phase where I considered my abs a weak point.

Getting my abs to look the way I wanted was not easy and took focused effort.

While I was pretty happy with how the rest of my body was developing, my abs needed improving and this was never more apparent than under the unforgiving lights and micro-scrutinized juding of the compeition stage. Anything less than world class was just not going to cut it.

So I set myself on a mission to develop an abs only training system designed specifically to target the entire core because what I wanted was very clear to me...


Although I don't train on the competition stage anymore, this is a recent selfie from my home gym. Abs are still on point because of all the foundational work and overall core training I did, and continue to do, which is what's in this program.

It's much easier to get your best results when you have a focused total core program, and all the guesswork is removed.

Here's why :

The core should be trained daily, but not just in isolated abs training, it should also be trained during every workout, no matter the body part.

The engagement of the TVA (transversus abdominis) IS THE KEY to training your core DURING ANY EXERCISE.

When you do specifically target the abs, you need to focus on workouts that train the core in its entirety, not just the rectus!

Believe me, it's much easier to take all of the guesswork out of how to define your abs when you are following a plan that deals exclusively with core training and nothing else.

But for now,

I have a question for you ...

What if you could have results similar to mine?

Through many years, both in my competitive career, winning 6 fitness championship titles, I have never had a simply "train abs only day," but instead, diversify my abdominal training.

Yes, I know many people like to have - legs day, arms day, etc.. and there is a place for this, but it does not necessarily belong, when it comes to abdominal training.

Whether it's for everyday life, a fitness enthusiast's approach, or championship competitive level, training core must include:

  • Proper recruitment and engagement of the TVA - transversus abdominis in EVERY move!

  • DEEP CORE work. Not just a bunch of static planks and basic crunches. These do little to build true core strengh or add any definition.

  • Following a specific training order and mixing things up is what accesses different muscle groups strategically. This is far more effective than the default, "I'm doing abs today" approach.

  • My multiplanar protocols - hitting the total core from a variety of angles. This includes:

Muscles of the back/erector spinae
Internal obliques

External obliques
Rectus abdominis

TVA/Transversus abdominis


  • Advanced Techniques such as:


Static and dynamic/flux planks

Tempo manipulation - in both eccentric and concentric phases of movements

Hanging core work

Eccentric contraction protocols

YOU DO NOT NEED A GYM or ANY EQUIPMENT to GET A ROCK HARD, CUT and LEAN CORE. This is all doable from home!

I have created these core specific workouts based on decades of training experience.

These workouts are drastically different from anything you have seen before because they are outside the box and dynamic, not traditional, typical ab workouts.

With this 12 pack specialized core training video workouts, I train along with you, cueing and showing you step by step how to hit all of the muscles of the core and "set them on fire!"

Many of these workouts were shot in my home gym and in fact, we will be doing some of the workouts I developed to win numerous fitness shows.

The goal is to help you take immediate action to get results that last, by radically transforming how you approach core training.

In addition, there is no endless talk about theory and motivation, only "doing."



Planks and Crunches alone will NOT get you world class abs!

The number of times I have seen both men and women in the gym, lying down and using those ridiculous ab machine contraptions!

I have also seen a lot of "swinging monkey" type of hanging leg lifts instead of what is really needed and what it takes to forge abs of steel...

TOTAL CORE CONTROL - NO MOMENTUM. - IT MUST BE TOTAL ISOLATION OF THE CORE or you are just playing around and injury will not be far behind.

In my 40's

You will not be using any loads in these workouts because the core training is focused and intense.

Also, if someone can't hang from a bar and just lift their knees to their chest for a few reps, without swinging and in total control, then there is absolutely no reason to be adding any loads, it's far too early and unnecessary (women don't need it) and potentially dangerous. I have never done it and it's not required to build chiseled abs.

This program can not only reshape your abs and explode your core strength, but it can also transform your overall approach to core training FOR LIFE, as you will likely find yourself always coming back to the mental checklist and cues you will learn in the workouts, to apply them in your own training sessions.





Overall strengthening

Total sculpting and definition of the core from top to bottom and across the horizontal fibers

That is not happening here!



(IRON CORE) Workouts!

What you will be doing and what to expect

in each workout.


  • This covers everything you need to know, even if you have never trained abs before or know how many muscles the core has.

  • I will show you exactly how to execute the techniques that are the foundations of the entire program and how to perform something as simple as a crunch in the right way, so your abs don’t push out, but are primed to be defined and flat!

  • I know “FOUNDATION” sounds boring - but even if you are advanced, there are plenty of tips here from decades of training that you can pick up and implement in your core training. I am not going to get into boring, long winded theory on overall fitness; you and I are here for one thing: ABS, so lets get to crushing your core!


Focused training begins with the basis of everything in your training; your core!

I will teach you, in detail, how I have trained core for decades.

A detailed practice exercise session. Here you will learn how to keep your core engaged via the draw in, through both concentric and eccentric phases.

You will also learn one of the most important things of all; effective breathing techniques..

Apply the concepts you are learning with practice exercises and a phase 1 core training workout.

A very effective way to put what you have learned into practice.

We take the TVA training to a more advanced level, incorporating more challenging moves.

In phase 3, we introduce even more advanced core training protocols.

We begin to work with I.T. - Instability Training


  • This is where your core strength begins to increase dramatically.

  • We also increase the challenge of instability training using the foam roller, Isometrics, plyometrics, eccentrics… it is an all out assault on your core.

  • By the time you are through this phase, you should be able to increase your plank time by at least 50% or more.


This "no equipment" workout is perfect if you are travelling, want to get outdoors, or have no gym or equipment handy.

However, no equipment doesn’t by any means equate to "no challenge.”

Body weight and precise isolation through mind-muscle connection is facilitated in this session to up the intensity, torch your core for a flatter, cinched waistline

Sometimes silence is golden. but in this case, it may be necessary! You will not hear my voice during this “View It & Do It" style workout.

The pace and intensity do not let up and the moves transition quickly, so make sure to keep an eye on your screen for when to progress to the next exercise. Chisel away and get through it!

S-L-0-W burn would be one way to describe this total core workout. In this session, we manipulate speed and tempo to intensify and increase the quality of contractions which you will feel deep in your core!

Don't cheat on the moves and do all you can to execute as strictly as possible. Work at your own pace, be consistent and you will progress over time!

There are two areas I often hear people wish to change; the love handles and the lower abs.

This workout targets the lower abs using functional moves and strategic isometric contractions to burn, strengthen and sculpt.

By now we know that the TVA and overall core are functional endurance muscles involved in nearly everything we do whether in, or out of the gym.

Although certain moves involve the core in some way, this workout isolates the abs with a hyperfocus on deep core exercises for a flatter and super sleek midsection.

If you have ever trained abs, you know the plank is a staple exercise, but a standard plank has limited benefits!

This workout takes planking to a multi-target level, hitting your core with a variety of angles above and beyond the traditional plank.

This workout focuses on the often overlooked eccentric phase of core training. Strict control in the lengthening of the muscles brings maximum overload and burn, burn, burn!

Force is significantly increased in the negative phase requiring greater recruitment of muscle fibers for maximum strength gains and sculpting.

Eccentric training and a lower abs focus make this session super intense. This workout features moves that demand controlled movement and zero momentum for a hyperfocus on ab isolation.

Remember to always refer to the session, "How to Engage the TVA" to ensure all your movements are executed with purpose and focused control.

This workout introduces one of my favourite pieces of equipment, especially when it comes to total core training - the foam roller!

Along with other total body exercises, planks are redefined as instability training protocols to target muscles you may not have ever felt before.


Seriously Sexy Abs Workouts

UNIQUE AMONG ALL OTHER PROGRAMS... that it is a TOTAL core training approach that focuses on developing intensive core strength BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE.

In my 50's

Make no mistake, you are going to train your core for shape and defintion, but in order to chisel deep and etch a washboard, you have to GET STRONG. Otherwise, like many other workouts, you will be "all show and no go."

We’re going to sweat, crunch, build explosive core strength, chisel, and burn together and when you have questions about anything in the program, I’m only an email away.

You’re not following written workouts in this program; I’m training with you on video, every breath of the way and I’m going to push you, as I push myself through these workouts.

DEEP CORE training has a lot to do with how I've kept my abs defined into my 50's, as well as totally free from back pain!


Seriously Sexy Abs Workouts

right for you?

If you've ever thought along the lines of:

"I want more defined abs, ESPECIALLY my lower abs,

I need a stronger core and I am BORED of standard, everyday, lie down and do crunches workouts,

and YES, I want to rock a bikini, or the swimming trunks on the beach, or

I can't get enough targeted ab/core training workouts,"

then YES, you are EXACTLY who I created this for!​


  • I will follow along and learn how to accurately engage the TVA
  • Through the provided practice exercises, I will make proper breathing and engagement a habit in my training and throughout my day
  • I'm already active
  • I enjoy video workouts
  • I am ready to work hard and modify where needed
  • I understand that this program focuses exclusively on core and abs
  • I am SERIOUS and will not make excuses because I want to succeed!​

DO I NEED A GYM in order to do the workouts?

NO - This is an at home program.


NO - Just a floor

and an exercise/yoga mat.

BUT... once you are ready for the BONUS LEVELS... which I will tell you about next, a pull up bar would be a good investement... No pull up bar? Don't let that stop you, because monkey bars or a playground in the great outdoors, will also do the job!

BUT... let's get strong and nail all of the other components before we go into superhero training mode!

But BEFORE those included BONUSES...WAIT...


To purchase everything you see here would cost:

14 workouts averaged at $12 each minimum - $168

One personal training session at my rate $125 x the workouts

Ability to ask a professional questions specific to your core training can bill out at over $100/hour

TOTAL: $484

By buying the program today, you will also receive 3 Bonuses for FREE worth $106!

THAT IS A SAVINGS of over $200!



Advanced PRO Technique

(VALUE $55)

This is where my hanging abs and foam roller multi-planar protocols are going to test your resolve and push you to your outer limits!

Never been able to perform a hanging leg raise to where your ankles touch your hands? Are you ready to achieve? GOOD!

Because I am going help get you there inch by inch, rep by rep.

These hanging workouts are a superb core challenge.

Whether it’s a pull up bar or the playground monkey bars, this apparatus is a superstar for adding an extreme challenge to the abs and core.

These hanging workouts will increase your core strength, while your grip and upper body strength will also benefit, as a result! Slow and controlled is the name of the game for many of these moves, ensuring no momentum and all muscle fibres of the core get involved!

These workouts are yours to keep, so you can work your way up to the pull up bar workouts; there is no rush!



(VALUE $22)

Let me tell you something, this footage was never meant to be released! You are going to see me dig very deep on these moves as it pushed me to my outer limits!

I was putting these moves between sets to bust a plateau. I had my moments, but in the end, the payoff was there!

A few concentrated exercise movements are all that’s required to get you feeling your deep core. These moves will undoubtedly challenge and change your abdominals.



(VALUE $29)

These moves require deep core strength and a demand for an earnest transversus abdominis contraction. You will definitely be putting that ‘draw in’ (also referred to as bracing or vacuum) to the test!

There is one particular move that will go as deep as possible into the lower abs. Done properly, depending on your fitness level, this is one you will feel later!

Strict control and proper execution are a must on these!



This is where Intensity women hang out!

It's not only great food suggestions and recipes that are on the table, but anything respectful, as painful as it may be; from PMS, to menopause, to those stubborn last few pounds that seemingly cling onto you for dear life!

Women post about their progress, their workout successes, etc. in an effort to inspire one another.

Don't inquire about tech-support here. This is people support, meaning all of us are in this together encouraging each other, discussing workouts, healthy food, etc.

You can own the entire IRON CORE program and all the bonuses for


My Satisfaction Guarantee

I strongly believe that this program will revolutionize your core strength and approach to abdominal training, as well as give you impressive results!

It is for this reason that I have decided to eliminate all the risk on your part by giving you 15 full days to see how my IRON CORE workouts will work for you.

I guarantee that this program provides a comprehensive, total core package that will educate you, challenge your core, increase your core strength, help to protect your lower back and increase definition. Remember that an individual's level of leanness will always affect their look and results will vary from person to person.

If at the end of these 15 days, if you are not absolutely satisfied with the progress you have made, you can request a full refund (minus processing fees) by sending a simple email to

Please Click Below for FAQ's - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Anywhere from 10-20 minutes. They are intense.

These are no equipment, bodyweight workouts.
Foam Roller (I use a 36 inch)

An internet, or data connection. All of the workouts are videos.

YES! I am an email away!

Absolutely! You have 15 days to get a full refund, minus a 3% credit card processing fee.


P.S. Here is a quick recap of what you will receive.


This is the total core training plan that you absolutely must have to take your abdominal training to the next level! There is no guesswork.

In addition, if after 15 days, you are not 100% satisfied, I will refund you.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

To own the program now and take advantage of the bonuses, click on the button below.

Total Price : $199