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UNIQUE OFFER: WARNING! THIS IS AN AGGRESSIVE "CUT" STYLE DIET it's designed as a fast-start fat loss protocol. It has different phases over 14 days with cycles and has 4-5 options for each meal and snack. You can use this fast start time and time again when you need to drop fat fast. VALUE $59

UNIQUE OFFER 2: The Everyday Overlooked Abdominal Workout The Everyday Overlooked Abdominal Workout- This info sheet reveals a technique I use to train my abs, even when I am driving.


UNIQUE OFFER 3: All About Abs! - The Core Analyzer Video Workout - Fab Foam Roller - This workout will highlight areas of core weakness and transform them into strengths!

Recruitment of all abdominal muscle fibres throughout the workout will transfer to more skilled total body training and chiselled six pack abs.


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  • PHASE 1 - TVA CORE ACTIVATION TRAINING Practice Exercises and TVA Engagement Teaching Session
  • PHASE 2 - All of the IRON CORE Sexy Abs Workouts - 9 different video workouts targeting different components of the core (value of all above $250)
  • BONUS # 1 - ISOMETRIC SUSPENSION TRAINING - Advanced PRO Technique - Hanging Abs - Pull Up Bar Workout (value $55)
  • BONUS # 2 - PLATEAU DEMOLITION Hanging Abs - Pull Up Bar Workout Progressions (value $22 )
  • BONUS # 3 - MEGA CORE - deep core strength builders (value $29 )

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$ 199

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Susan, thank you so much for your IRON CORE workouts. I really liked how most of the workouts were around 10 minutes and could be done without any equipment. This made it easier to do the workouts almost daily! Also, watching you struggle with the side plank in the Everyday Abs series gave me the confidence to push through even if I was struggling. - I like the reminders throughout about breathing and form

- the count down (4 more or 2 more) made me push even if I was close to stopping. My core was on fire the next day!

Lindsay Borden

Recreational Marathoner - Boston - New York

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