Fuel your body with healthy, energy-packed snacks you can take anywhere!

Whether you’re looking for a post-workout boost or a healthy treat for your child's lunchbox, these nutrient-dense bites will keep you going harder, better, faster and stronger... all day, every day!

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  • Super easy to make & delicious
  • No questionable ingredients
  • No baking involved
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Raise your hand if this sounds familiar...

The clock strikes 2 p.m. and your eyelids are getting heavy. You’ve been productive all morning, but suddenly things are going downhill. A wave of sleepiness hits you and every fiber of your being is telling you to skip that workout today.

At this point, you have two solutions:

1) Another cup of coffee

2) A fistful of M&M’s

But what if there was a healthier alternative that could keep you energized all day long? Something that has no artificial and unhealthy ingredients and is full of flavour?



Yummy no-bake balls (I like to call them BITES) that completely changed the way I fuel my body, both at home, pre-workout and on-the go. You could say - I Got Balls, lol! These are total goodness and energy in one bite!

Thanks to dining in raw restaurants, I discovered treats that were not only super delicious, but also incredibly healthy. As a result, I became inspired to make my own!

The price tag for these treats was high, but after starting to make my own raw treats, I soon realized why...

  • They are usually organic
  • Free from GMOs
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free (in many cases)
  • Free from additives and artificial colors
  • They contain only high quality ingredients

So I spent years tweaking and fine-tuning each recipe to perfection…

...until one day in a restaurant, my "foodie" daughter turned to me and said, “yours are better!” The particular balls in comparison were well over $3 each!

And now, after selling hundreds of these revered nutritional Power Fuel Bites, I decided to share my secret recipes with the whole world.

Here’s why everyone loves them...

The science behind each ball

In my 50's training in my favourite gym; the great outdoors. No time to cook here, I was on lunch break, so I had some Performance Fuel Bites stashed for post workout!

Your body is beautiful and powerful, but it sure has a lot of requirments to be in optimal health and one of those requirments is eating quality, unprocessed foods to keep you performing in strength,

total health and with

maximum energy!

What you eat for energy can make a difference between a productive day or a day where you are dragging and lacking focus and zeal.

My raw performance fuel bites make it easy to power up for hard workouts, post recovery, or combat an afternoon slump. They are a perfect guilt-free energy snack!

A diet rich in whole foods can stave off hunger and fatigue and enable you to get your energy back. That’s why my raw performance fuel bites make it easy to power up for intense workouts, recover afterwards, or combat an energy slump, and they also make it super convenient to never skip a healthy breakfast.

It really is a perfect guilt-free energizing snack and food of choice!

So… Do you wanna wake up ready to slay your day, your workout, or your busy schedule? If so, get ready to fuel your body without compromising flavour, nutrition or satisfaction!

Have a "ball" no matter what!

Sure, if you are just after a delicious snack, you can't go wrong! Just pick a ball... any ball!

But if you are looking to make a more targeted choice, I have included a handy guide so you can choose a ball according to its unique properties:

  • Protein Muscle Build - Post Workout
  • Pre-Workout & Pick Me Up
  • Slow Release - High Energy
  • Kids Fave

Why you’re going to love this book…

  • This eBook is a must-have for everyone looking to elevate their nutritional profile, energy levels, learn new and exciting recipes, and most of all, have fun in the kitchen!

  • These recipes cannot be found on Google! It’s been an ongoing process of experimenting, adapting, and creating variations that take time, knowledge, passion, testing and patience.

  • I worked my glutes (I was tempted to say "balls" LOL) off to build an eBook packed with guilt-free recipe options that actually taste good, yet are healthy and wholesome!

  • Even better; all of the recipes use simple, wholesome ingredients that you can find at most supermarkets.

Here are some of my favorites:


Is there really such a thing as guilt-free treats?

Or snacks that are not only good for your body, but are kid approved and also taste amazing?

Absolutely! Everything can be guilt-free if it's created with the right ingredients.

In this eBook, you will learn to make mouthwatering convenient bites in a different way - with nourishing, power packed, healthy ingredients!

But I know what you’re thinking right now…

“Isn’t raw food bland, cold and boring?”

Every time we hear the phrases “raw,” “gluten-free,” or “unprocessed,” we think of some kind of hard-to-make food that is dull-looking and has no taste or flavour.

But here’s the truth - with the right combinations of ingredients, you and your family can make some of the most healthy, crave-worthy creations everyone will be jealous of!

Meet the baker!

Hello, health enthusiast!

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Susan Arruda.

I’m a 6-time fitness champion, mom of 2 with a full-time job, and I’m in my 50’s.

This book is a result of my long love for creating healthy snacks that keep me fuelled throughout my day and also make for the perfect and convenient pre and post workout options, despite being mega busy!

These provide me with:

  • a huge nutritional boost advantage,
  • are fast to create
  • portable and easy to eat if you’re tight on time
  • They also freeeze well!

If there's one thing I've learned in nearly 40 years of training, it's this:

Healthy foods don't need to taste like sawdust! You need to like what you eat in order for it to be sustainable and the process needs to be easy!

These recipes can be whipped up very quickly with the aid of a food processor. I know firsthand how frustrating it is to want healthy alternatives without questionable ingredients but often falling short when buying them; be it the unhealthy additives, lacking flavour, high cost, and/or questionable or unable to pronounce ingredients.

These less than desirable ingredients can build up in your body over time to produce a build up of toxins that are far from healthy and you need to avoid them at all costs!

Bottom line...

You need to take control and know what is in the foods you're eating in order to stay healthy, strong and energetic!

I know there is no better way to do that than by following my tried and tested healthy recipes and making the most high quality foods possible for you and your family and loved ones! --

Avoid anything questionable altogether by taking complete control of the ingredients and snacks you eat by making your own RAW PERFORMANCE FUEL BITES.

These are my absolute fave go-to's that I almost always have on hand!

It’s all about the balance, convenience and consuming delicious, unprocessed, high quality whole foods as much as possible!

With these recipes, I can enjoy a tasty power fueled treat or breakfast option every day without feeling bad about it, and I know you will too!

My mission?

Share healthy, nutrient loaded and time-saving recipes for maximum performance and tips that will make your life easier, happier and healthier!

What’s in the eBook?

✓ 30 raw ball recipes that are quick, easy to make, convenient and delicious tasting

✓ Handy tips for fueling your body with energizing and high quality nutrients

✓ Handy guide for choosing best selections most suited for training, on the go, or anytime energy boost

✓ Detailed nutritional information & calorie chart

✓ Complete guide to why each raw bite is unique and healthy

✓ and much more...

If this sounds like exactly what you need, then this is for you!

Fuel your body right and allow your body to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside...


It is hard to put a value on the most precious commodity of all - TIME!

(And yes, of course - HEALTH!)

Before you see the hundreds of dollars in free bonuses below I am throwing in for this launch, ask yourself:

How long would it take to create 30 original recipes from scratch that not only taste delicious but are Performance Fuel Bites?

Sourcing clean ingredients, trial and error…

Pardon the pun, but I will low “low-ball” it … would you say all that time is worth $20 for each recipe design and creation + and the science that goes with it?

Believe me, we are talking about hours upon hours!

BUT WAIT...there’s more!

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Detailed Step By Step Recipe Video!

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This is a full-proof, easy to follow along video!

The detailed recipes in my eBook are easy to follow. But sometimes, it’s better to watch someone and follow along.

So, how about a step-by-step demonstration video?

In this 12 minute video we will begin at the very beginning and create one of my most popular Performance Fuel Bites Balls, without using a food processor!

We will cover:


Some nutritional information

Substitution Ideas

Best Practices

And most importantly; we will have a ball making a ball!


(Value 12.95)

10 Pumped Up Christmas Favourites

My CLEANER TAKE on Holiday Treats!

From my Gingerbread bites to Sneaky Little Lentil Christmas Cookies and much more...

You can still indulge in festive treats that taste sinful, but will leave your conscience, and the scale, feeling merry!

All the taste of the holidays, pumped up with more wholesome ingredients!


Printable Ingredient Labels!

VALUE - 24.95

Eating good food is a health commitment that is synergistic to exercise for achieving optimal progress and it’s a crucial component for staying healthy, energetic and strong!

If you’re anything like me, I am a maniac when it comes to knowing what is in my food in order to avoid unhealthy and questionable additives and one way to take complete control is to make it yourself!

Since I always appreciate knowing what ingredients are in the food I consume, I have created an ingredient label for each of these beloved bite creations so you can share and pass on the wonderful gift of health!


TOTAL ABS in UNDER 10 Minutes Video Workout!

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You know that at the heart I am all about

training and workouts!

So I can't give you all of these bonuses without including at least ONE FREE workout video!

Tight on Time, does not mean not tightening your abs and mid-section!

Yes, my Performance Fuel bites are soft and doughy, but let’s keep our abs rock hard!

This Tight on Time video workout will train your entire core in less than 10 minutes. No equipment needed except an exercise mat.




30 Original Performance Fuel Bite Recipes

Created by a 6 time fitness champion who loves to bake!

This is often what I use for pre and post workouts

and food on-the-go.

These recipes are not available anywhere else.

The Performance Fuel Bites Creations eBook Regular Price $24.95


Detailed Step By Step Recipe Video!

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Printable Ingredient Labels!

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Printable Ingredient Labels!

VALUE - 24.95


TOTAL ABS in UNDER 10 Minutes - Video Workout!

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