Do you want to know the training and eating strategies I've used to stay lean and fit for 40 years?

This 30 Day Challenge will show you how!

YOU CAN START NOW TO SCULPT and TONE YOUR BODY regardless of your age, to shape and sculpt the physique you've always dreamed of.

... Even if you have dieted, spent hours in the gym and were not able to define, tone and change your body.

Thanks to this program, women are losing body fat and increasing definition, while maintaining lean muscle tissue.

As you read on, I will tell you more about the power of a proven eating and training system I have developed over 40 years and the impact it can have on getting your body lean, defined and strong.

Here are some examples of the results obtained by our clients:

"For someone who is addicted to sugar, the detox was killer but it wasn’t bc of the soup or was bc of the weaning off of sugar.

After the cleanse, the meal plan seemed easy. The dinners are delicious and my whole family enjoys them.

Aside from dropping 6 lbs the first week, what is really great for me is that I’m not hungry! I even told my friends and family that I didn’t think I would lose weight bc I was eating so much. ✔️

After the second week some great things have happened. I’ve lost a couple of inches. Lost another pound and my digestion is great. I'm not getting bloated anymore and I haven’t experienced other indigestion symptoms I often feel such as acid reflux, heartburn, painful bloating, stomach discomfort, etc."

- L. P.

Lucy, above, is a busy mom of 2 in her 40's

"The value of this program surpasses any other program I have taken part in."

"Susan, I want to thank you for the 30 days of intensity.

You kicked my butt and changed my life.

I am happy to report that I am down 6 pounds!"

"I am so grateful to Susan and the 30 Days of Intensity. The change in my body in only 4 weeks is astounding! Susan was with me every step of the way with encouragement and support.

The workouts are challenging but doable and the meal plan is delicious and easy. The value of this program surpasses any other program I have taken part in.

Not just a 'quick fix' but teaches a 'lifestyle."

You will find out how I have stayed fit year round, even in my 50's, here, in my most powerful and "fastest to results" program.

If you surf the internet, you will find plenty of exercise and eating programs.

The problem is that you usually have to:

❌ Starve

❌ Eat bland foods that no one else in your family may like

❌ Use the same 8-10 workouts over and over again

❌ Count every calorie and macro

Some of these solutions may work for a while, but what they ask you to do is unsustainable ...

This is the reason why very few people succeed.

(generally less than 2% of people will keep their fitness results)

I know it because I see it every day

Hello, my name is Susan Arruda. I'm a 6 time figure champion, a mom of two with a full time job (not associated with a gym) and I'm in my 50's. I've been training for 40 years and have stayed in shape every day of my life... and you can too!

No gimmicks, no drugs, no fads, just straight up consistency, but I have developed highly effective acceleration methods over those decades that took me to 6 first place fitness titles, some agsinst women half my age and you will learn and experience them all in the best way possible; by training with me in my video workouts.

You and I will do this together, right there in your home, or gym, wherever you can connect.

In preparing this program, I reached out to my audience to ask them what they wanted and what where the tools they needed to succeed.

This is what we did with Cathy, one of the clients I supported who was able to obtain dramatic results in a matter of weeks.

Cathy had been through several different training programs. Even though she was aways active and fit, one of the challenges was that she had had gotten stuck in a rut, not just in her progress, but also in much of her fitness training - stuck and bored.

As we communicated about my new program and her specific challenges, we decided to take a new direction.

Instead of having her count all her calories and macros and do a static/old school upper/lower body split, we decided to focus on only 2 actions:

  • Eating in a way that is sustainable with guaranteed results.

  • Hitting the body with a different workout 6 days per week, no repeats.

In both cases, Cathy said - "Tell me what to do and I'll do it," and wow, did she ever! She prepped her food from the full recipe instructions and did the workouts.

The results below speak for themselves in Cathy's own pictures and words. She dropped inches and Lbs. while maintaining lean body mass and unveiled fitness magazine cover abs that where hiding there, just waiting to pop!

It's much easier to get your best results when you have the right eating plan and training, and all the guesswork is removed.

Here's why :

You don't need to eliminate carbs or starve yourself in order to get results.

You need to eat foods that you like, from meal plans that you choose and that you know you can stick to.

On the other hand, if you cut your carbs or go on yet another fad diet, you will succeed temporaily, but fail repeatedly.

Believe me, it's much easier to take all of the guesswork out of your eating and training and follow a specific plan based on your BMR - that is HUGELY important! More on that later.

But for now,

I have a question for you ...

What if you could have similar results?

Through many years, I had the opportunity to support women of all ages in shaping their training and eating approach in a number of ways.

This includes:

Fat loss, body composition shift, training techniques, exercise safety, nutrition, weight, incorporating cross training in resistance training so you get your cardio at the same time. Talk about MEGA fat burn!

These women, you will read what they say below, changed their bodies and their relationship with food and training so much so, that many are now doing my workouts year round.

Seeing what challenges today's women face from different walks of life, whether that be - short on time because of kids, a tiring and demanding job, hormones, menopause, adrenal burnout, or a metabolism that has ground to a halt because of starvation 1200 calorie diets and largely, cardio based programs that destroy your metabolic currency and natural fat burn; muscle...

Or maybe, especially in these times, no access to a gym full of equipment...

All of this allowed me to have a very clear vision of what works and what does not.

In order to present women with a way to take advantage of this experience, to accelerate progress and obtain similar results:

I have created this 30 day program based on 40 years of training and nutrition experience.

This program will not require you to count calories, cut carbs or figure out your macros...

This is it! My All In One, "Fastest To Results" program.

30 Days of Intensity Challenge!
All the workouts and a meal plan.
No counting macros or calories!
I am going to do it all for you!

If you are going to make the effort to eat clean,

you have to enjoy the food you are eating, or it will not work!

This program is drastically different from anything you have seen before because it is more of an outside the box training approach than a traditional, static "do this many reps and sets" program.

With over 25 different video workouts (6 workouts per week x 1 month PLUS bonuses, I take you by the hand, train along with you and show you step by step how to train to maintain lean muscle tissue and drop body fat and increase definition!

I also give you all the tools you will need to eat food you enjoy, to not only reboot your metabolism, but get leaner. (Full meal plan with detailed, easy to follow recipes and complete shopping list.)

The goal is to help you take action to get results quickly by showing you exactly how to train and eat.

In addition, there is no endless talk about theory and motivation, only "doing."

Moreover, this is the program that I recommend first, as my training techniques are non-conventional as far as resistance training goes. Also, you will not be lifting super heavy on this program.

This program can not only change your body and explode your fitness level, but it can also change your perspective on calories, food and eating for life.


That is not happening here!

I enjoy eating way too much to do that to you, or myself!

"I am eating 3x's what I used to eat!"

Thank you! (My husband thanks you as well since I’ve stopped beating myself up about food and am actually eating more than ever)

I have been much happier and more positive and have just been a better person all around so I want to keep moving forward with this!




What you will be doing and what to expect

week by week


  • SET UP SUNDAY! - Upload your initial measurements and pictures

  • Calculate and send me your BMR which is required for your meal plan - I will tell you step by step how to do this

  • Begin focused core training

  • You will receive all instructions and shopping list for the Detox and Metabolic Rev Cleanse during the week

Focused training begins with the basis of everything in your training; your core!

I will teach you in detail how I have trained core for decades.

Apply the concepts you are learning with practice exercises and a phase 1 core training workout.

On Friday you begin your Detox and Metabolic Rev Cleanse.

You wil continue this into Sunday night.

On Thursday, you will choose your BMR SHIFT eating plan. It will be delivered to you on Friday latest, along with your full shopping list.

  • The meal plans come with step by step recipe instructions.

  • Aside from omnivore (Eg. including meats etc...), you can also choose from gluten free, vegan, low dairy.

  • Cleanse ends Sunday evening. Prep your food and get ready to hit it hard on the intensity workouts next day and follow your selected meal plan!


  • With the detox/cleanse behind you, your energy will increase and your mind and focus will be heightened

  • The core training you did during prep week will pay off as you begin the Intensity workouts

We waste no time by starting with a total body workout.

We maintain our focus on core training with an additional second workout on day 1.

Are you ready for the 40/20?

This is basically my take on a double Tabata. The focus here is fat burn by way of cardio, HIIT and plyometrics!

Follow this workout with my Plank Power Abs

  • Your first SWEET SUNDAY happens, giving you more control in your eating.

  • You will learn about the first thing you should do in your exercise set up - Vital to avoid injury!

  • Other Intensity workouts this week:

Hot Legs & Tight Abs

Core Phase 1

Total Body HIIT Bench Workout

Cardio Blitz

CQC - Close Quarters Cardio

Seriously Sexy Legs Tabata Protocol!

Absolute Abs

We finish the week STRONG with resistance training and a dab of cardio, in the SUPER SCULPT!

Time for your weekly weigh-in, update your progress pictures and measurements.


  • You will start to notice changes in your physique, how your clothes fit, weight loss and/or measurement shifts

  • Elimination of any bloating and discomfort

As women, we have the deck stacked against us when it comes to predisposition of fat stores.

BUT as women, we are going to fight back with resistance training, cardio and some modified yoga components.

Cardio meets resistance training in this hybrid session that will get your muscles and your cardio system working together as a perfect sculpting team!

  • I will discuss steady state cardio and how much and at what intensity you should do it, and you will also determine your optimal heart rate.

  • You will learn how your body reacts to your fitness and how to faciliate optimal fat loss.

  • How to train your abs anywhere and around the clock! - You can increase your core strength with the same effective techniques I have used for years.

  • Other Intensity workouts this week (some are optional) :

Get Serious Upper Body Sculpt 1

Skip Rope Skinny

Stairs Workout

ABS & CORE Circuit (foam roller option)

Lean Legs Fat Assault Wall Series

Anywhere Abs

Come Burn With Me
Cardio & Strength Circuit
Abs - Core Galore TVA Activation Workout 2

Shoulders and Upper Body Sculpt

Best Body Abs


  • Now leaner, fitter, stronger, you are looking more forward to your next challenge! You are motivated to keep the momentum going strong

  • People are noticing how different you look. Your clothes fit noticeably different

This workout focuses not only on the legs, but the entire lower body as well. It is a mix of bodyweight and iron and it moves between these different protocols to increase fat burn and stimulate sculpting as a result of the different stimuli put on the muscle fibers.

I train core like any other body part, at least 3-4 times per week specifically, but I also randomly target specific ab exercises in between sets from time to time. I will often finish my other body part workouts with abs, which is what we are doing today.

This workout is not about speed, it is about intensity and focus! Work with a weight you can manage, but also challenges you in your final reps.

We are going deep into the muscles to elicit body composition changes.

Time to dig deep and power through!

  • You will also learn about how heavy/light you should lift/which loads you should use for maximum efficiency and progress.

  • Other Intensity workouts this week:

Plank Power Abs

Yoga Focused Abs

Crazy for Cardio

Build and Burn

Fab Foam Roller Total Body Blitz - can also be modified and done without a foam roller

Crazy for Cardio 2

Super Sculpt 1

Biceps Blast


  • You are excited about your progress and want to keep the momentum going strong, following this!

  • You have a feeling of accomplishment, are stoked about the changes in your body and have earned some bragging rights! 😉

  • People are noticing, making positive comments, and asking what you are doing. Your energy is explosive!

Pyramid training is a collection of sets, of the same exercise, that start with a light weight and higher reps, building up to a heavier weight and fewer reps.

We are going deep into the muscle using this protocol.

Today we break out my 45-15 MAX INTENSITY workout!

I could go on here, but I will just say this: You gotta BRING IT ALL today! Your body, a towel, water and the will of someone who does not quit!

There are two areas I often hear people wish to change; the love handles and the lower abs.

This workout targets the lower abs using functional moves and strategic isometric contractions to burn, strengthen and sculpt.

Other Intensity workouts this week:

Booty and the Ball

#3 TVA Core Activation Training

Super Sculpt 1 Mini Video

Ball”istic” Shoulder Sculpt

Total Body Bands

Gorgeous Glutes!

Anywhere Triceps Blast


  • Maintain muscle, lose fat by prioritizing resistance and weight training with elements of cardio, implementing a variety of effective training protocols.


During the week, the workouts alternate from resistance focus, to cardio focus and finally, to a bit of both.

Decades of training have proven to me that the fastest way to drop fat and maintain muscle is to incorporate the cardio component during resistance training as much as possible. This also proves to be very time efficient; something we can all appreciate!

Every workout on 30 days of intensity is different from Monday to Saturday for the entire four weeks! One thing is for sure; you will not be bored!


UNIQUE AMONG ALL OTHER PROGRAMS... that the meal plan and the training program are synchronized for maximum effect.

In other words, your macros and calories are shifted and matched to each training day, depending on the workout; except you won’t even realize this is happening because it’s all done for you. You just make the food and eat it.

I shot most of these workouts either from my home gym or in the great outdoors, so this is going to feel as close to one on one, as it gets. We’re going to sweat, lift, drop and burn together and when you have questions about anything in the program, I’m only an email away.

You’re not following written workouts in this program, I’m training with you every breath of the way and I’m going to push you as I push myself through these workouts.

The training is fast paced and uses cost effective, home-based equipment.

Is 30 Days of Intensity the right "fit" for you?​

If you have ever said:

"Just tell me what to do and what to eat,

and I'll do it ",

then YES, you are EXACTLY who I created this for!​


  • I will train 6 days per week
  • I will follow the meal plan I select
  • I'm already active
  • I enjoy video workouts
  • I am ready to work hard and modify where needed
  • I understand that this is INTENSE
  • I am SERIOUS and will not make excuses because I want to succeed!​

What Are the Workouts Like?

In a word, Intense! Also LOADED with variety!

I employ cross-training in fitness, which means variety and change using home based equipment to keep things fun and challenging, as well as keep your body guessing and changing. There is minimal downtime in order to maximize results and time!

The workouts DO NOT REPEAT! This is another big reason this program stands alone! This is not 6, or even 12 workouts you repeat. There is loads of variety, which is a vital key to help change your body.



To purchase everything you see here would cost:

BMR based Weekly Meal Plan $100

Over 25 workouts averaged at $10 each minimum - $250

One personal training session at my rate $150

Ability to ask a professional questions specific to your progress, training and meals can bill out at over $100/hour

TOTAL: $500

By joining the program today, you will also receive 3 Bonuses for FREE worth $338!

THAT IS A SAVINGS of over $800




(VALUE $150)


In a word: Delicious!

The plan and the meals are designed in conjunction with a knowledgeable food expert who lost over 100 Lb. and has kept it off for over a decade, and who also did my contest meal plans in the years I looked my absolute best.

* This is not a competition meal plan. However, I do offer those at a higher level of customization. The images you see of the women on this page, followed the same type of meal plan you will be using.

The Meal Plans Include

Everything You Need


A variety of meal plans are available including:


Low Dairy

Gluten Free.


and more!

All of the meals contain "real" food. There are no food products such as "cheese sticks, low calorie cookies," those are for fad dieters and not "Intensity Women."

Full Shopping Lists and Menus

The plan covers :

6 days,

3 main meals

and 3 snacks each day.

Each eating day is synchronized to a particular training day, whether cardio focused, or resistance training.

There is a protein food swap list included.

You will receive full recipes with detailed instructions.

Full shopping lists are included.


I sure don't - it's far too time consuming!

THE BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate is at the center of the

SHIFT Meal Plan

This is KEY to maintain muscle, as you drop fat. The SHIFT plans are calculated based on BMR. As you begin 30 Days of Intensity, I will be sending you an online BMR calculator link to help you determine your personal BMR.

What About Calories?

Counting? How Many?

In nearly 40 years of training, if there is one thing I have seen over and over again, is that women are STARVING either calorically, nutritionally, or both.

You do not have to think about calories at all as that is all done for you.

Prepare the food, eat the food, TRAIN WITH INTENSITY and be consistent and disciplined! Your results will mirror your effort, and if you stick with it, you will be thrilled with your progress!

What About Macros? How Much Protein,

Carbs and Fats?

Excellent news worth shouting about! There is no macro counting!

This is all calculated and done for you.



(VALUE $129)


During your Prep Week, we will focus on core training. I will go in depth in teaching you how I have trained abs for decades and stayed safe while developing iron core strength.

We will lay a foundation for 1 week so that you are ready when the intensity workouts begin one week later.

  • Core Foundations - The TVA - Instructional Video

  • Core Foundations TVA Activation Training - Practice Exercises Video

  • Core Foundations Phase 1 - 10 min workout video

  • Core Foundations Phase 2 - 10 min workout video

  • Core Foundations Phase 3 - 10 min workout video


3 Day Intense Detox and Metabolic Rev Cleanse

(VALUE $59)

As your Prep Week and Core Training Focus progress, you will kick off my 3 Day Intense Detox and Metabolic Rev Cleanse which will bring you to the intensity workouts feeling leaner, less bloated and your body’s natural fat burners will be primed for action!

This is the perfect natural antidote to getting rid of that horrible bloating feeling you get from overindulging and help eliminate brain fog!


  • Detailed daily instruction of which foods to eat

  • Scheduling of the detox/cleanse foods - when is the best time to eat in conjunction with training

  • Some added detox smoothie/juice recipes

  • Hydration recommendation

  • Serving portions handy guide

  • Pre and Post workout smoothie recipes

The normal price to access this program is

Regular Streaming Price $199

For a limited time, you can receive instant access to this program and all the bonuses for just:



EXPERIENCE 30 Days Of Intensity!




  • Access the workouts for 30 Days + FREE Core Week.
  • Total charge is $64.95
  • Includes 7 Day Acellerated SHIFT Meal Plan




  • Own the workouts and all bonuses - no time restrictions
  • Includes 7 Day Acellerated SHIFT Meal Plan

My Satisfaction Guarantee

I strongly believe that this program will revolutionize your body and how you train, as well as give you results!

It is for this reason that I have decided to eliminate all the risk on your part by giving you 15 full days to see how my 30 Days of Intensity will work for you.

I guarantee that this program will change your body and eliminate any confusion; you just need to do the work with the meals and the training.

If at the end of these 15 days you are not absolutely satisfied with the progress you have made, then you can request the full refund by sending a simple email to

Please Click Below for FAQ's - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Are The Workouts?

Anywhere from 20-45 minutes. On the weekends, I sometimes take it to an hour.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Basic home gym equipment most fitness enthusiasts already have:

Dumbbells Stability Ball Resistance Bands An exercise bench or sturdy chair or platform A body bar or just a weighted bar Foam Roller (I use a 36 inch) There are only a couple of foam roller workouts and they can also be done without the roller and using just your bodyweight, if required.

What if I don't have all the equipment?

I usually offer substitutions in the introductions and instructions, and even during the workout.

What do I need to view the workouts?

An internet, or data connection. All of the workouts are videos.

Is there any support if I have questions?

YES! I am an email away! You will always get an answer to your questions within 48 hours!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely! Once you are in the program, you have 14 days to get a full refund, minus a 3% credit card processing fee. 14 days will give you the full prep week and 7 days of full on Intensity workouts.

You will know by then if the program is right for you or not.




  • Access the workouts for 30 Days + FREE Core Week.
  • Total charge is $64.95




  • Own the workouts and all bonuses - no time restrictions

PS Here is a quick recap of what you will receive.

By signing up for 30 Days of Intensity today, you will enjoy over 70% off , that's only $64.95 instead of the normal price of and you have access to all the bonuses to accelerate your progress and be able to lose fat and change your body composition in the weeks ahead. Challenge access is for 30 days - so make sure you complete!

This is the total plan, training and eating that you absolutely must have to take your body to the next level. There is no guesswork.

In addition, if after 15 days after starting the program, you are not 100% satisfied, I will reimburse you in full.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

To start the program now and take advantage of the bonuses, click on the button below

This offer will expire soon

Normal Stream Price : $199

Today Only : $64.95


EXPERIENCE 30 Days Of Intensity!




  • Access the workouts for 30 Days + FREE Core Week.
  • Total charge is $64.95




  • Own the workouts and all bonuses - no time restrictions