Follow the workouts and secrets of a 6 Time Fitness Champion in the gym by mixing machines, free weights and bodyweight and in 30 days, your body and strength gains will amaze you!

Are you just banging out reps without the best strategies for machines and free weights??

There are adjustments and nuances you can make during your lifts that will take your workouts from "good", to the kind that will reshape your body,

and in my Gym Sculpt & Sweat Program - Results Driven Training - Zero Confusion, I will show you exactly how to do that!

Your trainer and workout designer,

Susan Arruda - 6 time fitness champion


My Machine and Free Weights techniques to...





After a gym hiatus, be it for pandemic reasons or otherwise, you're craving a much needed change of scene and atmosphere in your training and you want to shift gears; TIME for my Gym Sculpt & Sweat Program!

Lifting iron, the variety of weight training machines and resistance options, along with change & periodization; these are the foundations for sculpting your body.


When you're reaching the end of a set, max effort or approaching failure, machines can be a highly effective way to get max results and help you crank up the intensity and workload and stay safe!

Those seconds you sometimes lose by releasing tension are often the seconds that make the most difference between results that are so-so, or results that turn heads, as in "wow, that is one fit physique!"

I know you do this for you, just like I do, but come on; it feels good when someone pays you a compliment, can we agree on that?

So, instead of missing out on those precious body transforming seconds, I came up with solutions which involve manipulating the loads using your body against resistance and how you lift, so that there is no break in effort and that is what will get your body working hard again at a level where reset and the progess happens.

Susan Arruda's Gym Sculpt & Sweat Program

includes my "go-to" most effective gym machine exercises and combinations.

These are the principles I have used in the gym through six fitness championships and throughout my life to stay fit, lean, firm and defined.

NOTHING does that like IRON will, especially when mixed with an “iron will!”

But the desire and will are not enough; you need to have the specific methods, training principles, as well as the tools/machines, weights and the right combinations to get an edge in achieving your sculpted physique.

PLUS, a few championship tweaks and hacks I've picked up and developed over 40 years of training won't hurt either 😉 !

You have to be targeted with your training and prioritize your resistance exercise to maximize your body shaping efforts and body composition shifting.

You don't need to be in the gym for very long to get effective results. The first 30 minutes of FOCUSED training can produce 80 per cent of your results.

All you need is a few minutes of dynamic warm-up, 30-40 minutes of targeted resistance exercise. To further maximize your fat loss, finish your training with a 30 min. session of steady state cardio OR 5-15 minutes of HIIT and then end it all with a cool-down & stretch.


YES, I have created a lot of home training programs, BUT there are definitely some major and excellent reasons for going to the gym:

There are too many distractions and you’re unable to focus and separate yourself from the busyness of your home.

You’re unable to train in the early hours of the morning when everyone else is asleep.

You don’t have any resistance equipment and you're ready for more than just bodyweight.

You have very limited space.

You feel the urgency to escape your space in order to get into an atmosphere of training and specificity.

You like working with machines and heavy iron.

In training and in life, I often say:

"Get aggessive or get nothing."

You appreciate having a spotter/safety, whether it is the machine catchers (ie. smith machine or squat rack), training partner, etc… This is a big safety point when you are pushing heavier weight.

You are ready to take it to the next level in your training and use more machines and variety.

As much as I appreciate the space and all of those amazing machines, there is no question about it, the gym can be a very intimidating atmosphere, especially if you are approaching it without a plan and without knowledge of proper exercise execution!

Confidence comes with a plan as well as

KNOWING what to do and how to do it!


Let's consider a few points:

Are you working to failure or as close to it as possible, or are you quitting when you could still be pushing?

Are you just repeating reps on machines and free weights without manipulating them for max results?

Are you combining free weights, bodyweight and machines?

Have you stopped seeing results?

Is your training optimized for balance/symmetry?

How is your technique? Are you executing everything properly for max safety and results? -- I have a full proof system for that, built into this program that I'll tell you more about below...

Not planning your workout ahead of time? -- Walking into the gym without a plan is a bit like heading to the grocery store without a shopping list; wandering aimlessly, wasting precious time in doubt.


Are you sure your exercise selections are not working against you

I certainly wasn't doing any of this for anyone else but me. In fact, I was so zoned, people probably thought I was pretty unfriendly as I was not there to chat, socialize or make friends…

I was just extremely focussed on what I was doing. However, I wasn't doing what other people were on the gym floor, and that got some attention and a whole lot of questions.

Questions I can finally answer in my Gym Sculpt & Sweat Program

Chatter About the Program From the INCREDIBLY INSPIRING and FUN FITNESS DRIVEN WOMEN in our Facebook Group! (Which you will also be a part of!)

On the gym floor, I was being instinctive about what I was doing, letting some creativity flow… Looking for ways to take my physique way beyond the norm by using machines and a lot of exercises that were common to just about every gym-goer.

I was going beyond just simple, straight reps and executing differently. Making additions, tweaks... finding ways to go deeper into the muscles to maximize every repetition. It was that feeling of, "ok, I know I hit the reps I was going for, but I don't feel like I'm 'done' so now what? IMPROVISE!"

I’m not saying I used the machines in an orthodox way, at least not all the time, lol… What I'm saying is, I changed how I trained using machines and combined them with free weights and bodyweight to get the results I was after.

I realized that the people asking me questions about my training were looking for an edge, something that complemented the linear movements that come with machine only gym training and a lot of women told me they were just flat out, bored with what they were doing and no longer seeing results.

So, I usually offered an answer along these lines:

Let’s say the question was about a set that included a lat pull…

It usually looked something like - Lat pull - 3 sets - 10 to 12 reps - rest one minute between sets; repeat, repeat, repeat.

Did you stop/hold during your concentric or eccentric movement...

or just barrel through?

Did you use static holds?

What about your breathing?

Your hand positioning?

How were you engaging your core?

Did you manipulate the tempo?

Did you change your angles during reps?

What did you do when you were reaching failure to maximize progress?

Did you implement active recovery or did you just sit there doing nothing?

Did you adjust your time under tension?

Did you employ microburst reps?


You can only get so far doing just that.

This is what my Gym Sculpt & Sweat Program focuses on...

My personal exercise approach when training at the gym, as well as my unique combinations and techniques.

Here I weave my training approach into otherwise standard training protocols to elevate every exercise.

My Gym Sculpt & Sweat Program brings the most vital training principles into one concise package. Your workouts will include:


Dynamic training principles using common gym equipment

Unilateral training

Hyper-contraction methods to go deeper into the muscle

Shock principles

Static contractions and isometrics

Growth protocols

AMRAP - to failure

Unconventional execution

IRT/balance training

Micro reps



Plus unique variations I created when I didn't feel like a simple machine set was going to get me the results I wanted.


Drop sets

Pyramid training

Tempo manipulation

Time under tension...

As well, I'll tell you about some unique bonuses below including:

Treadmill interval training/sprints for maximum fat incineration.

I've also included a killer old-school stairmaster session!

When the set is over, trust me; it's usually not really over.

What's happened is you've hit a predetermined number target

It is usually after this that the real progress takes place!

Eg. “The sheet says I need to do 12 reps,” but when you check off the number on that paper/tablet or iphone that indicates you're done, in most cases, your body was/is capable of so much more and you probably quit right when deep results were only seconds within your grasp.

Forget that! We're working way too hard to get medium, so-so results, so you and I are going to go beyond the workout sheets that you're going to download and do far more than mere static numbers AND I'm going to teach you how to max out where it counts, step-by-step!


Have you ever been reading a workout plan and come across an exercise and had NO IDEA WHAT ON EARTH IT WAS?

It still happens to me!

Well, that is NEVER going to happen in this program!

In fact, I'm going to do more than teach you, I'm going to show you exactly how to perform the exercises because you've never seen a gym program loaded with not only hard copy workout sheets that you download and complete, but video demonstrations for every exercise!

That means NO CONFUSION on what the exercise is, as well as ensuring proper exercise execution!

These are not generic videos - This is me in every video taking you through detailed execution and discussion points were necessary, so that when you hit the gym, there is no confusion whatsoever!

I'll break that down for you in the program description shortly.

This also enables you to easily add your cardio exercise

following your resistance workout to maximize your sculpting results.

  • Anyone already training who needs a precise and proven plan.
  • Anyone starting to train in the gym who needs to eliminate any confusion. "I'm here, what do I do now/next?"
  • If you are stuck in a rut and need to break out of boredom.
  • Perhaps you are uncertain about proper exercise execution.
  • Anyone who is unsure of exercise combinations, or combinations of free weights and machines for maximum progress.

Whether you are already training,
or if you are looking to get back to pumping iron at the gym,

my Gym Sculpt & Sweat Program has you covered.


Are you ready to train in the gym like a 6 time fitness champ and 2 time PRO?



After logging in, you will see the day's workout. It will look like the example screenshot below, but with a lot more exercises of course!

In the example above, I called in a top notch expert to break down my lat pull and a couple of other exercises.

But most of the time, it will just be me and you, step by step.

I will be taking you through each move and demonstrating it clearly to ensure you're executing it properly and safely.

Once you are clear on exactly how to execute the moves,

download and print your exercise sheet and hit the gym!



Mix of Machines and Free Weights

Introduce Drop Sets and Failure - AMRAP (AKA As Many Reps as Possible)

Free Weights + Body Weight

Introduces Tempo Manipulation

Mix of Machines and Free Weights

Introduces Supersets

Mix of Machines and Free Weights

Introduces more advanced isolation principles - Eg. 21's + Advanced Tempo Manipulation

Mix of Machines and Free Weights

Introduces my (ADP) Advanced Definition Protocols - Eg. more intense work in supersets + more active rest periods.

Eg. Superset - Front Dumbbell Raises to Pike/V (Shoulder) Pushups



Mix of Machines and Free Weights

Introduces unilateral training - IRT Instability

Mix of Machines, Free Weights - Bodyweight

Increased Isometrics

Mix of Machines and Free Weights - Kettlebells - Smith Machine

An all out hyper focused legs session - Highly advanced interset movement - One of the thougher sessions.

Mix of Machines and Free Weights

Drop sets, mixing unilateral and biliateral training within a set - next level defintion exercises; some of my most advanced protocols.

Mix of Machines and Free Weights

Micro pulse hyper-definition training - goes extremely deep into the muscle - increased tempo manipulation - DEEP burn and PUMP set leg training work.

Rest assured, everything you will see in this program is new from me,

I have never released this before.

This is also not a streaming program with limited access,

once you purchase it, you own it forever!

Program design and training from a pro with 40 YEARS OF TRAINING EXPERIENCE means you are getting elite level programming...

ahhhh.... but don't you love the digital age?

To access everything you see here would cost:

30 Day programming/workouts and exercise sheets $1200

Dozens of Demonstration - Exercise Execution Videos $495

One one training sesssions with me @ $150 session x 10 sessions = $1500

TOTAL: $3195

But becaause I can offer this to you in digital format,

you will not pay




Not even

$999 or $499

Everything you see here is yours for $275 to keep.

There are no other charges.

By purchasing the program today, you will also receive

3 Bonuses for FREE worth $319!

THAT IS A SAVINGS of over $2200

The program is yours to own forever for this one price.

You can cancel anytime within 30 days for a full refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

Today Only :


My Satisfaction Guarantee

I strongly believe that this program will revolutionize your body and how you train, as well as give you results!

It is for this reason that I have decided to eliminate all the risk on your part by giving you 30 full days to see how my Gym Sculpt & Sweat will work for you.

I guarantee that this program will change your body and eliminate any confusion in yur training.

If at the end of these 30 days you are not absolutely satisfied with the progress you have made, then you can request a full refund by sending a simple email to





(VALUE $175)

1 - Tabata Treadmill Running Sprint Circuit

2 - Treadmill Hill Training - Booty Building

3 - Treadmill Max HIIT - 4 Rounds

4 - Treadmill Max Increase Interval Circuits

5 - Leaner & Faster - Treadmill Fat Burn

6 - 15 min rotating inclines

THERE ARE SESSIONS THAT WILL GET TO YOUR SYSTEM SO QUICKLY, YOU MAY HAVE TO "HITT" THE PAUSE BUTTON! But... don't you want effective fat burn post-weight training and for hours after?


The big favourite of the cardiovascular world in the gym has long been the treadmill. However, long steady state cardio sessions sometimes are not feasible, given people’s busy schedules, nor is it always the best thing for increased, maximum fat loss.

I developed these treadmill interval workouts as a way to cut down on time and supercharge fat loss results.

These workout cards will turn your usual “run of the treadmill” steady state session into a big HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training.

This is all about accelerated fat loss after you have depleted your glycogen stores from weight training… This is how you shred!



(VALUE $65)


A fave of mine!

And while we're on the subject of iconic cardio equipment, we cannot overlook the Stairmaster! Tried and true, I've owned one myself for some 30+ years now and I still use it regularly!

Like all of my other training, I was always looking for ways to add variety and push the boundaries of this equipment piece, as well as take my lower body to the next level.

This Stairmaster Legacy Session was one of the first workouts I ever shot. In this two video shoot that includes close-up/reverse angles, you and I will take the stairmaster beyond a simple stepping exercise and turn it into an Intensity type workout that will recruit all major muscles of the lower body, shift the focus from the thighs to the glutes, challenge your lungs, as well as being very core intensive!

A bonus: This is one of the best booty shaping machines ever created. Imagine a sustained 60 sec. effort of stair-stepping in a half squat position... you can feel the burn just reading about it, lol!





(VALUE $79)

Out of the norm results often require outside the box innovations.

The first bonus video alone, “Susan Arruda Trains at the Gym,” is something anyone looking for 'outside the box training' will love!

Shot during one of my pre-competition workouts, it's a nine minute featurette which was later cut together into workout segments with suggestions for reps and sets.

This has it all, Bosu, punching bags, gravitron… but all taken to a new level of creativity. It was an unplanned shoot as the camera followed me at the gym as I trained intuitively.

These are 10 of my creative top gym based body shaping moves!

10 mini videos means no confusion as to what you are doing! You can add these between sets or as variations to moves you may already be doing at the gym.

For example, the classic hyperextension exercise gets elevated to another level with time under tension manipulation, partials, shifting the focus to the booty and there's also the advanced smith machine shoulder press and 8 other innovative moves that will add change and challenge to your fitness repertoire.



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