HAVE YOU HIT A "STICKING POINT" in your fitness?

Let me show you how I BROKE THROUGH MINE!


your weight's natural set-point...

you are going to need an edge since your body has assigned you a sticking point that it loves to keep you at!

It means that what you are doing has become stagnant and is no longer effective.

Know what? Yes, even after 6 Fitness Title Championships, IT HAPPENED TO ME!

I stopped making progress! I hit a dreaded

"sticking point."


At that point after training for 30+ years, it is fair to say I had done it all as far as gyms.


❌ Higher rep training

❌Increased my HIIT cardio

❌ Planked longer

❌ Went back to heavy weights for a while

I'm not saying I was out of shape - I am saying I got stuck

Then, like so many of today's most successful ideas, something great happened; "by mistake."

I had begun to sense scar tissue building up in different parts of my body. There were also little nagging "knots" of stiffness beginning to show up more than ever before.

So, I did what a lot of people do and what a lot of therapists recommend; I bought a foam roller.

One word - BORING!

I had originally bought the foam roller as a tool for massage to help with mobility because, yup, I have injuries!

But when I got my hands on the foam roller and thought, "this can't be it; just for stretching?" That's when ideas started to develop and then I went into creative mode and did something that stunned me...

I went into a standard AB plank on the foam roller and my body began to shake almost violently!



Because my body was trying to cope with new stress, looking for a way to compensate, but I succeeded in FOOLING it and it did the most important thing to break a plateau... '

CHALLENGE and something foreign!

Breaking through adaptation and stagnation!

Like I said earlier - JACKPOT!

Hello, my name is Susan Arruda. I'm a 6 time figure champion, a mom of two with a full time job (not associated with a gym) and I'm in my 50's. I've been training for over 40 years and have stayed in shape throughout all the seasons of my life... and you can too!

This type of “outside the box” training, has been crucial in my own development and in maintaining a fit body into my 50’s.

As a fitness competitor for several years, I was always looking for an edge in my training and the foam roller was instrumental in chiseling my abs and taking my core strength to an entirely new level!

My core and abs training especially, EXPLODED!

You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect a different result, no matter how hard you diet or train.

At some point, you are going to hit a brick wall, a dreaded plateau, so forcing your body out of adaptation and into increased demands for progress and change is what you will need to do and that is EXACTLY what the FFR System does!

Darlene below, sent me an email that further confirmed what I suspected.. I was onto something revolutionary using an inxepensive peice of foam that was also SO OVERLOOKED in gyms and by so many trainers...

ONE OF THE MOST CIRCULATED MESSAGES OF THE FITNESS INDUSTRY THAT REALLY MISLEADS WOMEN ESPECIALLY… “weight training is the only way to change your body composition” is true, but it is a partial truth...

RESISTANCE training is what does it. Some of the most aesthetic and fit physiques in the world belong to gymnasts. Yet, gymnasts do not lift "weights," but they lift "weight," as in their own body weight in calculated, but massivley overloaded ways.

Now, in my case, I had the desire, but not the chance to seriously train as a gymnast, but weight training has always been, and still is, the foundation for my physique...

but I regularly incorporate other tools for diversity, because yes, you get bored doing the same thing over and over again, but more importantly, diversity keeps your body guessing and progressing!

The type of training I am talking about does more than just

help sculpt your body.

Your muscles will be stimulated and overloaded in ways you’ve never experienced before, resulting in greater core and total body strength, balance, agility and flexibility!

Using the foam roller, I have elevated the most effective training techniques and principles...

  • HIIT, (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Sculpting
  • Plyometrics
  • Resistance training
  • and balance moves are taken to another level for ultimate core training development!

Believe me, when a day after training, someone who has been exercising for 40 years says, “WOW! I’m feeling my abs!” That is a game changer.

I was amazed!

You are going to have muscles that have not been doing much asking, “where have you been all my life?!"

I.R.T. and M.A.P.'s will catapult your gains, strength and defintion...

Sooner or later, after training for an extended period of time, at some point you're going to need to incorporate the muscle confusion principle to avoid those sticking points that eventually irritate all fitness enthusiasts.

This muscle confusion training principle has been instrumental throughout my years of training. Part of constant progress involves never allowing your body and your muscles to fully adapt to one specific training routine. You need to keep your body guessing in order to resist adaptation.

Instability Resistance Training (IRT) is one method of doing just that!

The addition of instability increases the demand on your secondary stabilizer muscles, which equates to more muscles at work and an overall greater challenge.

  • Balance training, both with and without added resistance, has been shown to improve not only balance, which improves and strengthens core stability and abdominal strength, but also crucial for functional performance as well.

  • Using the Foam Roller as an instability training tool is beneficial for helping to eliminate weak links in your core musculature which is the central focal point of all movement.

  • I use it to increase the balance challenge element in so many exercise moves which helps facilitate the stimulation and activation of more intricate muscles that may not necessarily become involved otherwise.



The FFR Total Body Sculpting Program, introduces the new phenomenon called multiplanar active planking (or MAP)

Basically two words; ABS TORCHED! Muscles within muscles wake up and and get involved.

A plank is just a plank until you do it Fab Foam Roller Style. It takes that one dimensional move into the stratosphere by challenging all of your stabilizer muscles, obliques and more.

To get even a taste of this, try this M.A.P. simulation below:

  • Try a standard plank
  • Hold it for 30 seconds
  • Take one hand off the ground and place it in front of you, super-girl flying style
  • Hold that for 10 seconds
  • Now slightly raise the opposing leg off the ground and hold for another 15 seconds

What you are feeling is a lot more than just your rectus/6 pack working, you are feeling stabilizers and microfibers firing! No standard plank can do that.

In the image above - the basic Bird Dog exercise

Targets: Abdominals, lower back, gluteal muscles, thigh muscles, shoulders, and loads of stabilizing muscles to assist with balance.

Adding the FFR approach means more of your overall muscles are recruited to stabilize.

Those muscles are often left untouched in the standard move.

BUT there is more to life than just abs. No, really, there is!

The FFR Total Body Sculpting System will revolutionize your resistance training for every other body part as well and it will propel your muscles to a completely new level.

When you get into my Sculpt and Burn Workout adding the foam roller, that foam roller is going to be transformed and that bicep curl is going to be a lot more than just a curl;

... it’s going require your entire body to stabilize you properly and the recruitment of a lot more muscles and muscle fibers than you ever anticipated!

Your triceps will be screaming towards definition when you take a standard bench dip into the FFR Total Body Sculpting System, new school style; or even better said, new foam roller style!




  • Workouts cycle and focus through different body part and protocols

  • Training of the entire body

  • Multiplanar Active Planking

  • Application of I.R.T. - Instability Resitance Training

  • Additional focus on core and abs


No muscle goes unchallenged in this workout!

A mix of HIIT, plyometrics, intermittent soaring heart rate, muscle exercise challenges; all make for accelerated fat burning!

This workout goes especially deep into targeting the back of the arms/triceps area to sculpt and tighten this common trouble spot.

  • Burn sets
  • Partial Rep training
  • Isometrics
  • Tempo Manipulation
  • Time Under Tension

In Burn-Torch-Sculpt-Shred, the Fab Foam Roller takes sculpting to another dimension!

Adding weights to the mix adds the ability to hyperfocus sculpting. Every major muscle group will be working!

No doubt, your whole body will be talking to you after this workout and a seriously sculpted body will be the result!

  • Bodyweight Resistance
  • Advanced resistance - dumbbells
  • Compound exercises
  • Increased thermogensis
  • Every major muscle group targeted


Multi dimensional peak core training extravaganza! This is the one people write in about! It is a mercilessly effective targeting of the entire core using the M.A.P. (Multiplanar Active Planking) protocol.

  • Bodyweight Resistance
  • Multiplanar Active Planking
  • Total Core Engagement
  • Isometrics
  • I.R.T.
  • Time Under Tension


Get ready to blast your booty to the bubblesphere! It’s Booty, core and a whole lot more! This workout not only shapes your legs & butt, but I’ve also added:

  • Functional/Sports Moves
  • Plyometrics
  • Bodyweight
  • Recruitment of the leg muscles
  • I.R.T.
  • Unilateral training

to help you kick your own butt and really burn it up!


High kicking energy, HIIT & explosive plyometric power creates a fat burning explosion and your legs are along for the challenging ride, resulting in tightened and toned thighs and buns.

  • HIIT
  • Expolsive Plyometric training
  • Bodyweight
  • Thigh toning Focus
  • Major gluteal muscles aka the booty
  • Time under tension
  • Unilateral training


LOOK OUT - Your muscles have never trained like this! Your own bodyweight, the instability of the foam roller and the addition of weights is what catapults this workout into an extreme training session!

  • Advanced Resistance Training
  • Bodyweight
  • Isometric Impulse Focus training - flexion, extension, abduction and adduction
  • Eclectic training
  • Time under tension
  • Burns training principle
  • Peak Contraction Training
  • Total body workout

Why the Fab Foam Roller Total Body Sculpting approach is MOST EFFECTIVE for breaking through "stuck" weight & "set points"...

  • There is no other training technique that forces your body to defy a setpoint because in every workout, in every move, your body is constantly fighting to remain balanced.

  • It's not just a bicep curl, but this exercise now has to deal with I.R.T. - Instability Resistance Training and that bicep curl is also affected by what your legs and core are doing... all of which are navigating their own balance challenges.

  • There is no "static" component to this type of training. Your body has no way of adapting. It has no way of knowing what's coming, not matter how many times you do these workouts.

  • When you make a change in your advanced plank (M.A.P.), it's not just your core that is engaged, but your ENTIRE BODY has to get involved; it has to react from head to toe to the demands you are making.


FAB FOAM ROLLER Total Body Sculpting Workouts?

  • If you are a fitness enthusiast
  • If you are stuck in a rut
  • If you have hit a plateau
  • If your body needs to be challenged
  • If you are bored and looking for a change
  • If you have only been using your foam roller for stretching
  • If you are a fitness instructor looking for something cutting edge




To purchase everything you see here would cost:

Over 6 workouts averaged at $50 each minimum - $300

One elite level personal training session at my rate $350

Ability to ask a professional questions specific to your progress, $100/hour, but you can email me for expert advice with the purchase of my program.

TOTAL: $750

By joining the program today, you will also receive 3 Bonuses for FREE worth $165!

THAT IS A SAVINGS of over $830


All About Abs - The CORE ANALYZER Challenger

(VALUE $55)

All About Abs -BONUS! -The Core Analyzer/Challenger

If you think you’ve tried it all when it comes to mega core ab challenging exercises, think again! This workout will highlight areas of core weakness and transform them into strengths!

  • Deep core abdominal muscles are challenged and put to the test in this workout!

  • These abdominal focused fab foam roller exercises will develop the strength, functional training and chiseled abs you deeply desire!

  • Recruitment of all abdominal muscle fibres throughout the workout will transfer to more skilled total body performance training and deeply cut, chiselled, six pack abs!


Undo The Knots

Stretch and Myofascial Release Intensive Session

(VALUE $55)


  • Increase ROM (range of motion) of tight, worked muscles of the lower body that are prone to shortening with self-myofascial release.

  • This is a deep pressure massage technique to help relieve and release tight spots or "knots"

  • Focused hip flexors/iliopsoas, IT/iliotibial band and more

Stretch and Myofascial Release Intensive Session - BONUS!

Foam roller benefits for stretching, massage and improved circulation are well known.

Myofascial release is a method of self-massage using the foam roller to help relieve muscle tightness, pain and/or tight trigger points.

By applying pressure using various techniques and positions on restricted muscles and hot spots, you will be able to aid in the recovery and release of tight muscles and assist in breaking down scar tissue to achieve optimal mobility and function.

The foam roller used as a stretching tool is also highly effective for improving blood circulation which can assist in diminishing cellulite.


The Reliever

Gluteus medius piriformis stretches

(VALUE $55)

BONUS SESSION - Foam Roller Intensive


I will demonstrate 3 different methods of stretching to help alleviate pain and tightness in this muscle group which can cause:

  • debilitating problems in the lower back

  • Weakening of the hamstrings

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Numbness in the legs

  • The above can even lead to piriformis syndrome; compression of the sciatic nerve.

The normal price for this program is


For a limited time, you can own the entire FFR program and all the bonuses for just:



My Satisfaction Guarantee

I strongly believe that this program will revolutionize your body and how you train, as well as give you great results!

It is for this reason, that I have decided to eliminate all the risk on your part by giving you 30 full days to see how my Fab Foam Roller Workouts Total Body Sculpting System will work for you.

If at the end of these 30 days, you are not absolutely satisfied with the progress you have made, then you can request a full refund by sending a simple email to

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Anywhere up to 55 minutes

a Foam Roller (I use a 36 inch)

An internet, or data connection. All of the workouts are videos.

YES! I am an email away! You will always get an answer to your questions, usually within 48 hours!

Absolutely! Once you are in the program, you have 15 days to get a full refund, minus a 3% credit card processing fee.
You will know by then if the program is right for you or not.


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You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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